Full Hunter’s Moon Sermon


Darkest Greetings and Salutations my Family, how is everyone? I am doing pretty good, had a long, eventful day and am preparing for another one starting at 4am tomorrow! Tonight is the night of the Full Hunters Moon and this sermon, though it was started in the beginning of the month when I was in a Federal Jury Pool in Boston, is actually relatively short and to the point.

Ave Enki, Blessed Father who sits in wise contemplation in the deepest depths of the Abz-u, hear us! As I wait in the Jury Lounge at the Massachusetts District Courthouse I gaze out the window at Boston Harbor and am reminded of just how deep your wisdom runs and how much we humans STILL have yet to learn about this intergalactic island called Earth!

They say that still waters run deep but this is not always the case. Some still waters are rather shallow and their depths are quite easy to ascertain just like with some litigants. Just because someone has been quite or still does not mean their depths have gotten any deeper, in fact the stillness of some humans causes all that which lay at the base of their character to roil and rise to the surface only to demonstrate further just how shallow and superficial they really are, in some cases even more than previously imagined.

As I look out on the Harbor I see a small boat heading towards the dog it looks like it’s going to collide with it, but then Navigator terms the boat to the starboard side and it pulls alongside the dock smoothly. This vessel is a rather small and not fancy by any means, no extravagant adornments to speak of and yet it pilots with no visible sign of force or struggle. Such as life, we may not always have the biggest toys, the trendiest clothing or the most expensive adornments but it does not stop us. Like the small, seemingly unglamorous boat, our lives are the vessels we commandeer and as such we have no practical need for anything beyond ourselves to steer it in the right direction!
This is not to say that there is anything wrong with acquiring material wealth or even showing it off as a means to encourage others to venture out on their own, so long as we remember that there is a fine line between showing off your things to inspire others and showing off your things to gain admiration just for having it. Remember that no matter what we acquire on our Path that it should only ever bring us closer to Nature and therefore to the Deity!

Back in ancient Sumer they didn’t have a whole lot in the beginning. In fact were not for the ingenuity and innovation of the Sumerian people and their Deities to guide them, they would never have survived the treacherous conditions of the desert or of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that were both inclined to swell and overflow of flooding the area. They shored up their walls to prevent flooding and invented irrigation systems to channel water around the areas where they planted crops; this worked so well that this very same irrigation system is used by Farmers today!

I can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the motivation of the ancient Sumerians and their determination to survive in an area where there was little to no chance of that happening, especially not having the modern machinery we have today, yet their Will was such that they not only made it happen, they flourished and thrived! Everyone had a job to do and the compensation at the time was not money, at least not at first, but LIVING. If you didn’t work you didn’t eat, make sense, after all who’s going to pay somebody for doing nothing?

Now pit that against the modern world with our modern conveniences, why is it the ones who work the least make most of the money but the ones who are breaking their backs are not only barely making enough to get by but in many cases still need government assistance to eat, especially where there are children concerned? You would think that the further we have come with all of our advancements that we would have figured out how to work even more in depth with nature and yet it seems the further we go, the less connected we are to anything Spiritually! In fact, the only other time we were this far removed from nature was at the time of the first flood. This is where the ancient past and the present collide, on the precipice of Life overlooking the endless void of Extinction!

We’ve been here before and for the same reason, human arrogance run amok. In this last year alone the path has taken several sharp turns and it was all we could do to keep up with the riptide, but we did and even though some things did in fact change, overall we remain stalwart and unshakable in our belief that you have our best interest at heart! Though the current has taken us places we would have rathered not go we know you would not have allowed these things to transpire if it were not for our greater good and that of those who are relying on us to help show them the way and keep them safe from predators!

On the flip side of the events of the last year we have also seen those we care about make the commitment to stand by the side of their significant others with the understanding that nobody is perfect and the waters will not always be calm. The trademark of any quality relationship is not how well you coast along with the good times but how well you weather the storm when the waters get rough. All too often, especially in recent years, people give up and throw in the towel rather than stand and fight for the one they allegedly love. This lack of loyalty is viewed by the younger generations who are already bombarded with images of promiscuity and irresponsible behavior and only serves to reinforce the idea that so long as one gets laid any ACTUAL connection is not necessary! This type of behavior is not only destructive to the individual, it also enables things such as HIV/AIDS among other STDs and unwanted pregnancy to run rampant! In your great love for all your children you gave us the heart to care about our Sisters and Brothers and an even deeper love for our Family both Blood and Spiritual no matter what the future might bring!

Tonight is the night of the Full Hunter’s Moon and given the events that have led up to this point in time the hunt is officially on! The Hunters moon arouses the depth of one’s Spirit and eliminates the Veil between primal and humane instincts enabling our senses to be keener, sharper and more focused on our target. It heightens the reflexes and enables us to observe things more clearly and precisely so that we miss nothing in our pursuit! No detail is overlooked, no stone is left unturned, this time of year there is nowhere to run, the prey is doomed!

It is also during this time that tainted blood is hunted down and brought to the forefront; fallen alliances are revealed and all those who would do us harm under the guise of Fellowship are thrust into the center of the circle and made to answer for their deception and their betrayals. There are many who would call themselves ‘Sister’ and ‘Brother’, but then go so far as anointing themselves as Leaders of Communities, not because they have more to offer, but to exalt themselves upon pedestals so as to glory in the misbegotten affection of those who are so desperate to belong SOMEWHERE that they allow themselves to be mistreated and in the worst case scenarios outright abused (whether the abuse be mental, physical, emotional, psychological or all the above) by the so-called and oft time SELF-PROCLAIMED Leaders! As you chose to put yourself between the Grand Counsel and the Human race, so shall we inject ourselves in a situation that is needlessly dire, not for personal gain, but because the person we are defending may simply lack the mental clarity (Autism, Mental Illness) or physical strength (injury or physical anomaly) or just is not one to be confrontational, but is being relentlessly harassed because they refuse to fall into line with the demands of an egomaniacal windbag, to ward off their aggressors on their own!

This Hunter’s Moon will be the beginning of the charlatans end; the end of their reign of malfeasance, the end of their reign of self-importance, their reign of lies and deception woven so intricately that those caught in their web lose sight of reality and become overly dependent puppets dancing whenever their strings are pulled!

We have seen those who treated their own charges with such reckless disregard that their lives were put in jeopardy and needed to be intervened before somebody got seriously hurt! The selfish actions perpetrated by the one who was supposed to protect them trains them on a psychological level that what is happening to them and going on around them is ‘normal’ when the fact is it is anything but!

This Hunter’s Moon will be the beginning of the end of those who act with such indifference toward the well-being of their charges and Community’s that it is absolutely necessary to bring about their downfall by exposing them as the unconscionable dictator wannabe’s they truly are!

We have seen those who claim to have a monopoly of sorts on particular Communities, who only allow admittance to their inner circle to those who are willing to BUY their way in also use and abuse those Communities for their own selfish gain! Just because someone who is a mental midget can churn out more roleplayers than someone of reasonable intelligence can gather legitimate companions, does NOT mean they are special, it just means they got people who know even less than THEY do to listen to their drivel and the overwhelming level of ignorance on both sides did the rest! The only thing this makes those who succumb to their lies is puppets dancing for their master and following directives blindly while they make sure to get rid of ANYONE they consider a threat to their masters authority as those people might have the nerve to attempt to help those they see being taught DELIBERATE misinformation see through it and replace it with accurate information that is documented through YEARS of research and on the ground observation and discovery, because to teach people the truth is to also dispel the lies they were told! If this happens, the master loses control as the puppet cuts its strings and becomes its own being!

Oh to possess the ego of someone who could rival Narcissus himself – my advice to them is to avoid mirrors at all cost as they may wind up falling in and drowning in a pool of their own crapulence and hoisted by their own petard! That is of course if they don’t choke to death on the smoke that is currently filling said mirror first! This Full Hunters Moon we will see the ones who possess this arrogance be brought to justice and seen for the showboating no-accounts that they truly are and we will not feel one bit of sympathy for them or the hole they dug for and ultimately buried themselves in!

The Watcher AND the Hunter have had their eyes on them for QUITE some time and if they think things are bad for them up to THIS point they have NO IDEA what is awaiting for them around the corner! YOU CANNOT DISRESPECT THE DEITY, HIS DIVINE FAMILY OR HIS CHILDREN AND THINK HE WON’T SET YOU STRAIGHT AT HIS OWN LEISURE AND IF YOU DO YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET AND THEN SOME! AVE NINGIZHEDA!

Through all the trials and tribulations we have also seen perfect strangers band together to uphold one another through the most trying times! We have made new friendships and forged new alliances with those who have a common goal and whose sole intention is not to service our own agenda but to shield the Community from any more negative assertions brought on by the more aggressive and self-adulating members and posers alike! We have seen people rise up and say ‘NO MORE’ to those who don’t think twice or at all or just don’t give a damn about anything except getting their way no matter who else might be harmed in the process!

The Full Hunters Moon is on high this night: the arrows are in a quiver, ever ready to sail across time and space to their intended targets! The sword and pistol at the hunters side, set to take down any enemy who may charge leaving no time to draw the bow and the dagger is in the boot awaiting the enemy who is so low that arrows are impractical and the sword and pistol are unnecessary; ever diligent the Hunter is prepared to fight anyone, anywhere and at any time!

Tonight is also the night to Gather and store meat for the table during the long winter months and while not all the prey that is hunted down will be eaten, only devoured by those they did wrong, the hunter makes no exceptions when it comes to taking their intended target out!

“As Above, So Below,
Round And Round And Round We Go!

To Witness Such A Sight, A Silver Moon,
This Hunter’s Night!

It Calls Upon Us To Be Ready,
To Keep Our Aim True And Our Hands Steady!

Willing And Able To Stand And Fight,
By Any Means, It’s Our Birthright!

To Defend The Name Of Our Deity,
Who Fought For Us All And Set Us Free!

The Least We Can Do Is Uphold His Name,
And Destroy All Those Who Use It In Vain!

To Use His Reputation While Simultaneously Dismissing Him,
Will Leave The Blasphemer With A Future That Is Grim!

For Even Though He May Not Make His Presence Physically Known,
One Can Feel Him Approaching Right Down To The Bone!

He Will Let You Know Just Where You Stand,
When He Either Gives You A Swift Kick In The Ass Or A Helping Hand!

In Either Case The Action Is Earned,
And The Hope Is That The Lesson is Learned!

The Lesson Is That Despite Our Drawbacks And Our Flaws,
That We Must Always Be Alert And Fight For The Cause!

The Cause Being The Upholding Of Honor And Family,
From Present And All Future Calamity!”



Etiamsi MULTA Et Nos UNUM Sumus Nos Sto Validus Ut Nos Sto Una!

Semper Veritas, Semper Fideles, In NINGIZHEDA’S Nomen Nos Fides! AVE NINGIZHEDA!

(We Are ONE Even Though We Are MANY And We Stand STRONGEST When We Stand TOGETHER!