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There is a place buried beneath the sands of time where the first Gods and Goddesses ruled supreme over everything and expected only servitude and respect in return. It was during this time the God Enki along with the God Ningizheda and his wife, the Goddess Ninhursag, wished to create a race of people in their likeness to take care of the Garden known as Earth. At first all was well and the humans and Gods lived side by side, the humans tending to the crops and cattle and the Gods providing essential needs such as plants to make medicine and intelligence for humans to invent things such as irrigation. In time the energy began to shift and the once respectful humans began to grow more and more unruly claiming that the Gods did not provide them with enough and started demanding more and more in return for their service, at first the Gods appeased them but they grew tired of the human’s selfishness.

The Gods stopped catering to their demands so the humans grew loud and demanded to be free from the Gods entirely at which point they were granted free will and the Gods stepped back. At first the humans were happy and did as they pleased but as with all things born out of self-righteousness and haste, their situation soon began to deteriorate. Man stole from his brother and raped his sister, people killed each other over petty things and eventually it got so out of hand the now unhappy humans began to lament to the Gods demanding resolution to which the Gods told them that they wanted to be free of the Gods hands so now they needed to stop wringing theirs because they made a mess of everything!

The humans NOT happy with this response began to curse and renounce the Gods, this cacophony grew so loud that the Grand Council convened and it was determined that the human race’s actions had not only jeopardized their own sustainability, they had taken it upon themselves to cut down whole forests and not plant seeds yet expected the trees to grow back. They slaughtered entire herds of cattle but had no bulls, heifers or calves to perpetuate the herd yet expected to be provided for as they had been in the past. Whole fields of crops rotted because they were not tended to properly and the water was poisoned because the by-products of cattle herding, not to mention clothes and tools, being washed off in the river.

They noted how instead of taking care of the land and water where they were that the humans simply went to a different area and started the whole destructive process over again. Because of this arrogance many species suffered as a result and many went extinct because their habitats were destroyed and their food rendered inedible and, in some cases, nonexistent. It was ultimately determined that the human race was too unstable an experiment to be allowed to continue and the decision was made to wash the slate clean, literally.

As it happed there was one member of the Council who thought the punishment was too harsh especially when it was also evident that many humans DID in fact plant seeds, tend crops, care for cattle and other animal species and were trying to get those who took everything for granted to wise up and do their part. He knew his duty to the Council was to respect and uphold the decision of the Grand Council, but being quite clever, he found a way to honor the decision while simultaneously warning the humans of what was about to occur. He went down to Earth to one man’s hut and stood outside of the reed wall. He never directly interacted with the man inside, instead he began to talk to HIMSELF yet through the reed wall, the man “overheard” this stranger’s ‘conversation’ and following his instincts began to jot down what was stated as it included instructions on how to build a boat that would withstand any kind of oceanic turbulence and keep all occupants safe from harm.

This Grand Council member was Enki and he put himself on the line to save a race that was eradicating all others because he believed that we still had potential. Naturally when the Council found out they were furious and even his own brother admonished him for his act of defiance against the Council. This Brother God’s name is Enlil and he was angry because the humans were supposed to be annihilated in their entirety and they were not, he reminded everyone that the humans didn’t care about anything but themselves. Enki pointed out that there were those who did care and whose purpose was to protect the Earth, their home. He stated that the humans still had potential, that if the program was restarted with only those who were actively taking care of business that the outcome would be different.

Enlil was not assuaged by Enki’s argument but agreed to a deal with Enki, if the humans who managed to survive because of Enki’s stubbornness were able to co-exist with each other AND with the natural world then he would declare Enki right and leave them be. HOWEVER, should the humans revert to their previous attitudes and actions, that they were NOT to be helped, that they were to reap the very death they sowed. It was stipulated that there would be actions taken to test the resolve of the human species, after all how can you be certain anyone has changed if the very adversity that started everything the last time is not factored in? So, he too spoke to a human in Babylon to see whether this person would reject his offer or demonstrate the previous nature of the human race by accepting it.

The offer was accepted and the man called Abraham was given the original story which he proceeded to twist and corrupt until it was unrecognizable. This aberration would go on to be referred to as the Abrahamic Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Each of which unleashed a storm of violence, murder and oppression that only served to prove Enlil right in his assertion that the human race has not changed. However, he also saw in recent centuries those who were oppressed rise up and break the chains of their oppressors thus also proving him wrong, that the human race is more complex and that there is still a chance they could prevail. The terms of the deal he struck with Enki still remain intact.

In the last 2018 years we have seen the fruits of Enlil’s distrust grow and thrive among the minds of those who blindly serve anyone who presents them with the best version of the story or at the very least promises them an easy life if they give over everything they have to the Synagogue/Church/Mosque. This often includes the BODY of the individual including CHILDREN! Groups such as the Mormons, Muslims and Hebrews ALL condone child marriage; not only do we abhor it; we have spoken out against it quite publicly! We have seen people who refuse to acknowledge that there is more to the story KILL anyone who tries to educate the masses! We have seen people of exceptional intelligence burned alive and their families slain as witches (traitors) to the Synagogue/Church/Mosque! We have seen the human world brought to its knees by fear and ignorance, but now that is ALL going to change!

We are the products of our Ancestry and for the last 2018 years we have born witness to it all, powerless to do anything at the time we conserved our energy and let it accumulate and now we are ready to make OUR presence known!

WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF ENKI, NINGIZHEDA AND NINHURSAG, we are ONE even though we are MANY and we stand strongest when we stand together! Through education knowledge and wisdom will cut the yokes from our necks! Through hard work and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle and gain true freedom from the real oppressors!

Aasarism is a new Religion that is rooted in the oldest Religion of Sumer; it is a path that is dedicated to educating people on the original story - all those parts that the Hebrews conveniently left out of the Old Testament and continued to be left out while being further corrupted in the New Testament by the Christians and once again in the Qur’an by the Muslims.

One of our goals is to free the people of the mental slavery they have been subjected to since birth and show them that there is a better way to live, that they don’t have to constantly sacrifice everything to any self proclaimed holy order (“give in this world, live in the next”) so that the minister is able to ride around in a $300,000 car while the parishioners have to walk for miles to get to the church or $1 billion so they can fly around in style while the congregants starve to death! One of the latest and most egregious acts of INHUMANITY being committed in recent years was a certain Christian minister LOCKING the doors to his church and REFUSING to open them to those who needed shelter during Hurricane Harvey! How despicable!

We practice traditional methods which are modified slightly because as with all things, the world is changing and we must learn to adapt with nature. Unlike many others, we have historically documented information straight from the Ancient World that we do not hide; it is no secret that many documents outlining the long history of the Occult were stolen and hidden away by the Hebrews, Christians and Muslims - now why would anyone need to hide any information if their version of events is the truth? However, what they failed to consider is that there was SO much more than what they took and what is being found now continues to reveal more and more as it is dug up from the sands of time!

While we do stand against Abraham and all of his corrupted religions, we are not based in hate. What we are based on is the love for the planet that we were provided as our home and the free will we were given in which to take care of it, ourselves and the natural world. Our mentality is Give In This World, Live In This World, in other words do what must be done to handle our responsibilities and if we are able, help our neighbor should they need it so that they will perpetuate the gesture with someone else who needs help!

It all starts with one person, Enki knew this, that’s why he was so willing to help us in our hour of need!

While Aasarism is a new religion we are not a cult as so many new religions turn out to be. How so? Unlike a legitimate religion, a cult makes up its back story, sometimes as it goes along (sound familiar?) and in many cases employs several methods of persuasion to wear their members down until they are so psychically pliable that they will believe anything they are told (again, sound familiar?)

Aasarism is a legitimate new religion because we don’t need to make up anything or “fill in the blanks” with whatever sounds best because ALL our information comes direct from the Ancient World via people who have dedicated their lives to searching for the truth! Unlike a cult, we don’t mind people asking questions about any aspect of us because asking questions is how we learn. Unlike a cult we don’t demand that our members act any certain way, dress any certain way or treat those who are nonmembers and don’t want to join with any kind of disdain.

Our Church has a Board whom oversees everyday operations and such but the Church itself does NOT have a Central group or individual who is exalted above any of the members. We also have a very vocal Clergy and encourage sharing the information they provide throughout all platforms of media and via the most effective form of communication, word of mouth!

To give the individual a better idea of what Aasarism represents on the human level, Aasarists believe:

1) First and foremost, women are NOT inferior to men, we may take on different roles during rituals but in everyday life women are equal to men and should NEVER be oppressed by ANY religion just for being female!

2) Sexual Identity as well as Sexual Orientation are as natural as they are personal and it is NO ONE’S place to threaten an individual’s well being for living a lifestyle different from their own, especially using religion as a shield to hide behind! We DO not and WILL not tolerate any aggression toward the LGBT Spectrum Community. If any of our members are attacked, we will do whatever we can to help them fight back, including speaking on their behalf publically or if it comes to it, testifying on their behalf in court!

3) We believe in marriage between any two consenting adults and encourage healthy relationships via communication and if needed, counseling, which can be provided by the Clergy if requested. If any of our members is in an abusive relationship and needs to get out, we will do what we can to help. We DO NOT encourage staying in any relationship ESPECIALLY if there are children involved if there is any form of abuse occurring, it is better to be from a broken home than to live in one! Abusers DO NOT CHANGE, don’t think that you can change them, you WILL die trying!

4) Unlike other religions, we have no political affiliations. This is NOT to say our members are not politically active, we just leave our political activism at the door as we are trying to create a place where Spirituality is the ONLY presence and we understand that any negative energy that arises from a political disagreement can and will affect any sort of ritual work being done.

5) Our goal is to create a world that is free of the oppression that has been imposed on everyone since Abraham first showed up and corrupted the story in Babylon and then others continued to corrupt so that they had the same mental control over the people and material wealth stolen (“donated”) as those oppressors who came before.

6) Unlike the Abrahamic Religions, we REFUSE to use violence, fear or any form of intimidation to force people to follow our way. We believe if the individual is meant to walk this path, they will come to us on their own. As such we have made a few enemies who don’t like the idea of a religion that allows its members to regulate themselves and NOT require another person to issue them directives on how to live!

7) Magic and Spirituality are not mutually exclusive, Aasarism employs both on a daily/nightly basis to not only connect to the Deity, but to help things run smoothly in everyday life. For those who are new to any form of Magic, we strongly recommend Meditation. Meditative practices help us to connect to the Astral more easily and also helps to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life.

8) We know that nothing in this world gets done without money and as such we have established a tithe methodology which allows members to assist in the financial backing of critical projects and causes which are voted on by membership and Board alike. We also believe in transparency and will publish all reports so that all members know exactly where their money is going and how it’s being used. We suggest a minimum of 2% of a person’s income (ie if a person makes $1,000 a week = 20.00/wk and if a person only makes a 100 a week = 2.00/wk.) To make it easier for people to send tithes, we will be integrating an application on our webpage for members to use.

Keep in mind that these monies are NOT being used to provide a cushy life for the Clergy but to help the Church to be in a better and more financially stable position to help people in the community by providing food/essentials to shelters, assistance to victims of abuse across the board and especially when a major disaster such as Hurricane Florence or the California wild fires strike.

9) We will provide training to those who wish to aid in the expansion of the Clergy and the Church by talking to people. This training will ONLY encompass methods of approach and debate with the public as sometimes people get flustered when they don’t know how to counter a point no matter how misinformed it is.

10) Another goal of the Church is to create a Community Outreach program that is open to all those who are victims of any kind of abuse at the hand of the Abrahamic Religions as well as any and all other religious cults.

In closing what we are about as a religion is Freedom, from the lies, the hate, the bigotry, the oppression and the deception! Free from the greed of pastors and televangelists who tell you to send them huge amounts of money otherwise you are a nonbeliever! Free from the violence of those who murder people JUST for being LGBT! Free from those who insist that a woman’s place is silent, barefoot in the kitchen or otherwise on her knees serving MAN!

In short, we are about freeing the human race from the mental slavery that is effectively destroying it and the planet!


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