Enki is not Biblical Satan


I want to make something very clear today so that there are no misunderstandings going forward.

Enki is in no way the Biblical Satan and he does not recognize modern forms of Satanism as his own. Enkism or Aasarism has nothing to do with any kind of Satanic religion and Enki refuses to bear the appellation ‘Satan’.

Enki is not the devil in the Judeo-Christian sense of the word and has never ever- been. Neither is our God the supposed fallen angel ‘Lucifer’ of Christian mythology.

Enki was never in any way a fallen angel; Enki is a all great powerful God who created mankind and founded the Mesopotamian civilization many millennia before the invention of the lies of the accursed Judaeo-Christian Bible. The utter disrespect is something exhibited by Abrahamic Religions and their many tainted pathways.

I am going to write very clearly so that my great body of readers understand the situation once and for all. The Devil of the Christians, whether it be Lucifer or Satan, doesn’t exist and has never existed. And the Hebrews while in captive in Babylon created the character you all are calling Satan from a Serpent God, meanwhile people engage in senseless arguments of who Satan is, Aasarism addresses this not Satanism. Visit the site soon www.ancientchurchofgod.com for reality once and for all of the model of Satan.

The diabolical character of the New Testament is not a real entity but rather merely a fictitious archetype or opponent invented by the fanatical and paranoid founders of apocalyptic Christianity in the 1st century CE. Blame Catholicism they had a hand in the creationist story even creating more corruption.
The Biblical version of Satan is nothing more than an imaginary thought-form of the deceptive Crypto-Zionist apostles devised with the goal of confusing the Gentile peoples and ensnaring them in the cruel game Enlil and his hordes of unhappy Gods.

In the end, the Christian devil only exists in the twisted minds of the murderous inquisitors of the depraved Church and in the sick imaginations of crazed and disturbed Evangelicals.

All these people floating in boats with no oars are telling people who Satan is and yet they are really serving Enlil the enemies of Enki.

Do you partner with killers, or rapists? Enlil raped his own Goddess in actual writings.