Ancient Church of God: Old Belief, New Tradition


Press Release 9/02/2018

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik
Ancient Church of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Satanism:

I have met, so many of you once or even twice, I have visited Satanists in good times and bad in almost every state in the United States, I once started as a Church of Satan member and continued to create nothing but a positively important movement for Satanism, as I drifted away from Modern Satanism. I have always been a fighter for Satanism, raising more money and giving back to many people in the Satanic Community. I gave in many ways besides money, I gave valuable time, and energy and while I have done good things for many I have done bad things to others. I have no regrets for any activities I have partaken in I have evolved and created both positive and negative directional movements, from interviews to appearances I have never embarrassed Satanism.

I have never feared anyone, nor would I ever, the rumors and innuendos of the “he said she said” of my life have never taken a toll at me but has emboldened me for this project which is closer to reality than ever imagined. To those who truly know me, know the truths and never give in to the jealousy and hatred that persists in Satanism. I have a background that has always allowed me successful operations from the start and always will.

I however now have no interest in continuing the argumentative nature of Satanism, and I, of course, will be far better off for this decision. I am considered the key person to the “ebb and flow” of Satanism in the nineties and my record of accomplishments will forever last as a great memory of how I served the deity I once called Satan. The critics will view this and troll about like they drove me from the religion, nothing is further from the truth. I put the key in the ignition and drove myself as my wisdom grew.

No one who criticizes me, could compare to the record I have in Satanism, from having the first three thousand square foot “brick and mortar” church to resort class meetings nationwide in the early nineties, Appearances on Coast to Coast with Art Bell, the History Channel despite brief, and the Discovery Channel again brief, to Irish Television and several University Channels, I have since abandoned personal appearances and been cloistered in my latest project which is to me more important that any move I could make in Satanism.

Many will herald my leaving this religion and create lies faster than “fake news” but I will say this no one let me down, I have launched with the help several of my clergy and many academics a new religion which will allow our church entitled The Ancient Church of God to move further ahead bringing back and actual religion which would be considered more like Satanism from the Theistic sense than anyone has ever created. Utilizing the actual academic Satan not the Abrahamic Satan and his ever important creator, along with other characters and entities, we will form a more true to form Church based on a 6000 year old religion, that only a handful of people understand, a new magical system based on history not Hebrew corruption, free from Abrahamic influences.

No longer will the membership and clergy care of the train-wreck you are involved in as we are more deeply involved in our path than the “stuck on stupid” Satanic path that is falling apart and splintering as people can’t even take a stand and understand Satan as a deity. A world where pictures and YouTube are more valued than reality and important writings or creations. I must say in the near future people will have to decide the side they prefer the Slave God versus the Creative Force that created man or woman and its very first strides that it has made in today’s world. And oh yes there is a Satan in what direction I have personally take, the more historical one the one the Hebrews stole their adversary from and the same one that was not of a right or left hand path.

The system I am now focused on is more important not because I said so, but newfound tablets from six thousand years ago which colorize God and Satan in a very different relationship, but I won’t tell you here, I have the information and we will provide it. Imagine a freedom from all the misguided people who play dress up Satan and dress up God, they are very different in the earliest texts of who they are. I developed none of this and this all has academic studies in its backing and background.

Some will scream cult, but nothing is further from the truth. Our new church project is possibly the darkest and most historical path ever know and I have personally invested tens of thousands into the expansive research I am willing to share with those open-minded. I will not keep many of my Satanic groups, as people are so confused its not worth the daily engagements and explanations. I can still win almost any debate on historical Satan so my door will be left open to those seeking betterment and enlightenment. I no longer care about the past its the future, for those who know me really know me, you understand why I am making this move, and I share this with many people, who are tired of dramatic confrontations with people who are half in Satanism and half in to get a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Our new project will never interact with current Satanism we are not interested in those who are caught up in Abrahamic folklore and mythological misinformation. If you desire more historical approach versus a made up suspect approach full of Hebrew Myth then Satanism in its current form is better than what we have to offer. I am as many people have grown away from all the pretty pictures, and those who prefer YouTube, I will maintain a presence on Social Media and our project will as will but trust me we are more interested in those looking to learn about the very first God and Satan and we are not interested in dark pictures, we are interested in people and creating a lively religion, not some religion that is filled with malfunctioning people, who can barely manifest a “loaf of bread”. You will find this new project for you if you are tired of the current caught on Abrahamic religions.

We are not Pagan, that is a Christian term, we are not Satanists that is a Hebrew term, we are Aasarists and it is based on history with very little folklore but best of all no Christianity, no Islam or Judaism but with all the stories you will recall in your original form. I am leaving this big Satanism playground to those who rather place pictures all over, make terrible You Tube videos, and ask the same questions every day over and over, never learning a damn thing but how to troll. Offline again and online for my friends feel so better than trying to educate people who rather play dress up Satanism than reality Satanism.

Our founding of Theistic Satanism in June 2018 in as far as legalities and doctrines and important theories and practices was only the beginning and will not be the end. You are welcome to learn about something new but also older than what you could imagine. Historical versus corrupt!

Its been great but as of late not really great

Hail Satan (not the Hebrew Satan)!
Grand Magister Blackwood
Dr Tom Erik Raspotnik