Why the Ancient Church of God cannot be a part of Paganism ~ Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik


Why the Ancient Church of God cannot be a part of Paganism ~ Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik

Why the Ancient Church of God cannot be a part of Paganism
Ancient Church of God
Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik

Flaws create a very slow growth environment that is destroying itself, as people “waffle” around and play “victim cards” at every turn. Where is this going on ? Paganism!
Coexisting is a “failed” concept since we all have enemies, the same person you think is with you is shortly against you at their coven, or church or temple. People of strong faith congregate together not among the masses. There is such a level of disrespectful behavior this concept will ultimately fail until this element is removed.

People fail when they mix political viewpoints with religion’s, and that makes a toxic mix that is easily spread around like a plague going from one host to another until it ultimately kills a church or coven or temple. We have no political stance as a church its up to the individual outside the church. We are not going to be a future Billy Graham and endorse people who are not from our path.
Pagan’s often times have no respect for researched or academic works that explain events or historical events, that may change or challenge the norm or the construct of their cosmology.
Pagan’s often will not learn new materials, freezing in some form or format that becomes a handicap to their growth, even going as far as locking out individual ideas, while being hypocritical claiming one is preaching to them.

Think of this when you stop learning you “freeze” and sometimes will not enjoy wisdom or growth from enhancing your wisdom. I also need to point our respect is earned and is not automatic, but disrespectful people will be removed from our church system, while Pagan Churches lumber on with their affliction and rain the disease of “frozen wisdom” down upon themselves. Our ancestors went great lengths to learn they had no videos, or social media, some had simply their ability to ask questions, and experiment until they got things right. We should be even more exclusive verses all welcome, however I do encourage “come as you are!” there are certain ceremonies, and rites that will never be shared until one becomes trusted and despite your desires to feel like you have to have this or that it will never be the case. I also notice a flow as of late I will never accept and that is the following key points.

I will never embrace Christianity and Paganism forming a unification or its verbiages like “Christo-Paganism or ideologies of Christianity from a Neo-Pagan ideology.

The theft of our artifacts and ideologies that provide misinformation is also used readily in Paganism.
I will not forget our ancestors, that met their deaths at the hand of the Christian or Muslim and especially Roman Catholicism which is so Anti-Satan it is unforgivable period.

While Jew’s did not kill that many Pagan’s or Satanist’s, I am sure sometime information can be found on them as well, but I do not like them for so much corruption and misinformation in the Occult Community.
We do not accept Atheists either, if you are a non-believe we have no room for you in our Church we are not doing this to waste time arguing God or Satan with anyone for hours.

I again will express this I DO NOT CONDONE any form of violence on anyone and encourage dialogue but when they push, we shall push at them for once, something I feel few Pagan’s have the “bullocks” to challenge anyone and push back. I see Pagan’s justifying Islamic violence, as attempting to work with Islam despite its core speaking of death to Pagan’s.

Good Luck!
Hail Satan, Hail Ningashzida